The future of Home Meal Replacements is here!

The future of Home Meal Replacements is here!

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Home Meal Replacements is a category that's only getting hotter! They’ve become more popular as people place more value on convenience.

Freddy Hirsch’s What’s Cooking™ range has helped HMR departments around the country stay on top of the latest trends and consumer habits. The flavour of the moment is desserts!

We’ve expanded our What’s Cooking™ range because the demand for desserts in HMR departments all over South Africa is exploding. The updated range now includes local favourites such as malva pudding and chocolate flavoured mousse, plus classic winter warmers like hot chocolate.

It even contains useful base products, including easy baking batter and custard powder, which will help you make tasty puddings of all kinds and help your HMR department shine.

Of course, the What’s Cooking™ range still comes with all the traditional products you know and love, including favourites such as curries, casseroles, bases and sauces.

In total, the range is made up of 30 tubs — each containing a unique, easy-to-prepare recipe and all the spice products you need to make the meal as tasty as possible!

However, the bigger and better What’s Cooking™ range is about more than just amazing flavour. The tubs have been designed to save you money by reducing waste and improving storage efficiency!

These exciting What’s Cooking™ products are another example of Freddy Hirsch leading the way by prizing innovation above all else. View the entire catalogue of products right here.

Speak to your Freddy Hirsch rep for more details or contact our head office on (021) 507 4500 or email us on .