Wiltshire Pork Sausage — bangers bursting with flavour

Wiltshire Pork Sausage — bangers bursting with flavour

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For the most part, South Africans know more about great food than the Brits do. However, the Wiltshire region in England stands above the rest when it comes to pork bangers. The term ‘banger’ dates all the way back to the WWI and came about because these sausages sometimes exploded in the pan when being cooked. With Freddy Hirsch’s Wiltshire Pork Sausage spice, the only thing exploding is flavour! This motivated us to push the boundaries of flavour once again. That’s why we created a special product made just for pork — the Wiltshire Pork Sausage spice (803151).

It’s made with a flavour profile inspired by traditional English ingredients. That means top notes of ginger, nutmeg, sage and pepper — with a mild burn. These flavours work together to create a beautiful balance of flavour, enhancing the taste for maximum enjoyment.

This product can be enjoyed in a number of ways. Two of the best are the Wiltshire Pork, Apple and Fennel Pies and the Wiltshire Pork Burger with Caramelised Onion and Apple. These two recipes complement the product in all the best ways, getting the best out of the sweet and savoury flavour.

It’s available at your nearest Freddy Hirsch Cash & Carry or from your Freddy Hirsch Sales Representative. Enquire about our attention-grabbing product labels. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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