Find the Seasoning to Suit Your Festive Season

Find the Seasoning to Suit Your Festive Season

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Sprinkle some magic into your food this season.

At Freddy Hirsch, we love innovating. We get a kick from experimenting and re-inventing. But there’s one spice that hasn’t changed. For years, we’ve kept the recipe as is. It’s our Majiek Spice 802603 – and here’s why it’s a favourite:

  • It’s delicious. Top notes of mustard, black pepper, onion, coriander, and garlic add real flavour to your food.

  • It looks great. Majiek Spice gets its visual appeal from green and red peppers, which help brighten your dishes.  

  • It’s versatile. Use the Majiek Spice on roast veggies, chicken, or red meat. For mince, use our Majiek Meatball Mix 803114 it has all of the taste with added rusk for binding.

The Majiek Spice may be all you need to flavour your festive season. But we couldn’t resist mentioning two glazes guaranteed to delight, too.

  • Create succulent, zingy meals with our Honey Savourglaze 802423. Its sweet taste is balanced with notes of ginger and black pepper.

  • For a sweet dish that’s tangier, use our Honey & Pineapple Glaze 802764. Perfect for a roast with the family.

For more ideas to warm up your holiday season, take a look at our recipes or visit Freddy’s Kitchen. We’re looking forward to making it a flavourful festive season together.