Venison Wors Spice for Big Game Bites

Venison Wors Spice for Big Game Bites

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In the spirit of hunting season, we’ve launched a new product that helps you get more from your haul. Our new Venison Wors Spice (803293) makes the best meat taste even better.

Hunters have known about the benefits of venison for a long time and in the past couple of years, everyone else has started catching on. More people are aware that big game tastes great and is perfect for the kitchen or around a braai.

The benefits don’t stop there, either. Venison contains less fat and is higher in protein, iron and vitamin B2 than chicken, beef, mutton and pork. Restaurants have wised up, offering venison options due to customer demand, and people are experimenting more with venison at home.

Our new Venison Wors Spice is created with all this in mind. It’s made using popular top notes of coriander, clove and nutmeg to bring you the flavours you crave. After all, South Africans know best and those are the favourites!

This product is versatile because it’s well-suited to all venison types and can also be used on burger patties. It provides great value for money, for hunters who handcraft their own meat and butcheries that sell venison products. It simply takes venison to the next level.

The Freddy Hirsch Venison Wors spice pack is available at your nearest Freddy Hirsch Cash & Carry — pick one up and let us know what you think!