Top spice and meat pairings for a braai

Top spice and meat pairings for a braai

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Add some spice and sizzle to your life by savouring some Freddy Hirsch flavour. You have sent out the invites, your favourite people are coming over and better yet, the weather is perfect. It is the perfect time to fire up the grill and the tunes. But wait. Let’s talk spices for a moment. Is your pantry stocked with what it takes to tickle and tantalise your tastebuds? Well, no stress because Freddy Hirsch has got you covered. Our finest collection of braai seasoning, marinating mixes, sauces and braai essentials will give you the freshest flavours for your meet-up.

Spice for every season  

Smother your meat with the seasoning made with black pepper, bell peppers, mustard, and coriander and tenderise your meat with Freddy Hirsch’s fantastic Texas Steak seasoning. Taste the heat with the Arizona Grill, which is a flavourful one chocked full of paprika and celery infused with the freshest ingredients that will guide your braai straight to success and pass any taste test. Though if you are pining for pork spices and herbs, then you will be blown away and have a sensory overload with the Pork Texan Steak seasoning. While the Arizona Grill is your number one choice for top notes of celery and paprika, don’t break the bank trying flavours that will flop. Instead, trust seasoning that will boast your braai skills and give your meat the Michelin star quality it deserves.

Braai master extraordinaire

Have you ever been to a Saturday afternoon braai and thought, and maybe even said, “I can do that better” or “do it this way”, and saved the day and rescued a boring braai with your triumphant techniques? Then put your skills to the test by sprinkling Freddy Hirsch and tasting true genius with our show-stopping seasoning options. This one is for a sharp peppery taste that will spark a love for these spices. Try your hand at the Freddy Hirsch Braai Spice, as it is an all-rounder and makes for a great addition to any meaty affair with its notes of onion, garlic and mild chilli. While you get your chilli fix, spice up your life with the Peri Peri seasoning, which is one of the best spices for game meat, infused with hot chilli flakes that will give you your fix of fire and an added tasty sensation that will mix your meat with notes of smokey seasoning.

A-grade flavour

There is a flavour-filled fiesta in every pack of Freddy Hirsch. Shake up your spices and try something new with the Gunsmoke Grill flavour. This simple beef seasoning with hints of fiery flavour is perfect for your chops, T-bone steak or even your chicken. The advanced flavouring with notes of parsley, mustard and chilli powder has the yummy tried and tested taste that will get your grill going with perfectly seasoned goodness. While you’re shopping around, you might as well check out the great buy that is the Chicken Grill seasoning. Its spicy white pepper will add a bit of a kick to your meal. Your chicken concoction will never be the same without this blend of perfectly mixed, measured and maintained ingredients. The hints of paprika, pepper, salt and spice extract are the perfect combination of flavour! And if it’s a speciality spice that you’re after, then make sure your braai essentials include Freddy Hirsch’s Barbeque Special. With exquisite hints of garlic and herbs such as cumin and parsley, it is the main attraction for your braai satisfaction.

Final Words

Don’t throw a party without a bit of spice to entice the masses. Shop from the experts at Freddy Hirsch and browse our collection of incredible spices, mixes, equipment, sauces and serving essentials.