Three ways to strengthen your customer service

Three ways to strengthen your customer service

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Along with smart purchasing and delivering great value, customer service is at the core of a high-functioning business.

Consumers spend up to 10% more when they receive good service. And they tell up to 20 people when they have a negative experience.

Giving customers an easy and enjoyable experience is the priority. Customer service needs to be strengthened every day for optimal performance.

With decades of experience in the food industry, the Freddy Hirsch Group offers its take on the kind of customer service that sets businesses apart.

Customer service savvy

  1. Say what you mean

You know that communication is important. Our take on it is simple.

We’re transparent. We say what we mean and, as a family-run business, we welcome our customers as part of the Freddy Hirsch family. Whether you’re greeting a customer or completing a transaction, be personable and communicate clearly.


  1. Follow up

It may seem obvious, but following up with customers is a critical part of good service.

It tells your customers that their business is important to you, and that you’re passionate about working together. Being quick to respond indicates how efficiently your business operates. Never forget to follow up.  


  1. Set the pace for change

At the Freddy Hirsch Group, we embrace change.

It’s vital to challenge the norm so that you’re first to spot an opportunity – or a better way of doing something – and take hold of it. That way, you’re always at the forefront. Change is constant. Those that shy away from it get left behind.