The Ultimate Braai for Every Taste

The Ultimate Braai for Every Taste

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What’s your idea of the ultimate braai?   


Sticky barbeque chops? Lemon and herb chicken? Grabouw-style boerewors and potato wedges?

We all enjoy a different sizzle on the grill. And we all have our own idea of the perfect braai.

That’s why Freddy Hirsch supplies a spice range that’s varied, but versatile. We’re here to help you flavour any kind of dish.

Whether you’re planning your own ultimate braai, or creating menus to inspire your customers, prepare every product with Freddy Hirsch spices.

You get to choose your flavours – and the best ways to use them. Here’s how:


1. The tastiest braai’d chicken:

Quick Mix Barbeque 752049

Quick Mix Lemon & Herb 802511

Quick Mix Peri Peri 752073


2. Sizzling chops:


Legacy Sprinkles 803165

Worcester Sauce Flavoured Sprinkle 803176

FH Super BBQ Grill 803236


3. Burger patties:


Rustler Gourmet Cheese Burger 802966-K

Rustler Gourmet Black Pepper Burger 802963-K

Rustler Chargrill Burger 802465-K


4. Boerewors:


Drakensberg Boerewors 802386-K

Kameelhout Boerewors 802273-K

Grabouw-style Boerewors 802471-K


5. Crispy potatoes:


What’s Cooking Hot & Spicy Sprinkle 803241-K

What’s Cooking Chip & Wedge Spice 803253-K

What’s Cooking Salt & Vinegar Spice 803187-K



Whatever your vision for the ultimate braai, you’re covered with our online spice shop in South Africa. For ideas and how-to guides, take a look at our recipes, or visit Freddy’s Kitchen.