The Family Values that Shaped an Industry

The Family Values that Shaped an Industry

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The impact Freddy Hirsch and FHG has had on the red meat, poultry and meat processing industries, can only be considered by looking at the past sixty years of the industry growth and development. 

Mr Hirsch has been single handedly responsible for not only massively elevating the state and technical excellence of the local industry for the past sixty years, but also for having set the benchmark for client engagement and relationship management.

The Group, now in its fourth generation of Hirsch leadership, has expanded to service the needs of a variety of consumer segments and industry verticals around the globe. FHG matches its passion for ingredients and flavour with a heritage of technical innovation across various aspects of the industry.

Our Company Values

Co-incidentally, the vast majority of Freddy Hirsch customers are family-owned businesses and the loyalty shown by these customers through the generations has played a huge part in the group's on-going success.

There is a close personal bond between Freddy Hirsch and its customers, based on the family values we all share. These traditional values are what inspire us, and form the basis of what we believe will take us forward as we continue serving customers and the industry in the southern African region well into the future.

The Freddy Hirsch Group is a family business built on real family values which we believe, exemplify and practise.


Customers are central to everything we do in our business. We promise never to compromise on best service or best quality. The customer is always at the centre of our working world and is always right. There is no compromise when it comes to service excellence.


The company needs and will value the most creative, passionate people. Those individuals who get ahead the fastest and who outperform others, are those with the greatest energy and enthusiasm. Rainmakers win in the soul and the wallet. An intense environment can also be fun and must always be respectful.


Integrity involves ethics, standards and consistency. It is regarded by many people as the honesty, truthfulness or accuracy of one's actions. Not having integrity can ruin a reputation. Integrity means doing the right thing even if nobody is watching.


Our customer-centric business was founded in 1956 on the absolute promise of best service and best quality. Consistent, superior quality is one of the cornerstones upon which we build our business. Nowhere is it more evident than in our world-class milling and blending facility.


When an opportunity presents itself we grab it with both hands and seize it with great speed. The company culture is fast-paced, responsive and energetic. This is in line with the strong focus on innovation.


Always question the status quo and if there’s a “better way”, seize it.


At Freddy Hirsch, loyalty refers to devotion both to a group and a cause. As dedicated members of that group we passionately pursue excellence. There are approximately seven hundred employees in South Africa with over seven years being the average length of service.

Credibility & Professionalism

In order to be perceived as what we are - the best ingredients manufacturer - we have to create, maintain and sometimes change perceptions about our company. This is done by creating positive impressions endorsed by professional appearance, behaviour, verbal communication and body language.


Always strive for the lowest costs feasible: product, organisation, systems. In the long term the business and your customers will thank you.