New HMR Products to Boost Your Food Business

New HMR Products to Boost Your Food Business

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HMR, or Home Meal Replacements, is becoming more and more important for food businesses. We began our specialised What’s Cooking™ range to help you keep up with this growing trend.

Your customers love the convenience of walking into a nearby store to pick up a warm, affordable meal. It’s quick and convenient. And unlike fast food, it tastes like home.

This is the important part. Great flavour will make sure that customers come back again and again. That’s why we’ve come up with six amazing new What’s Cooking™ products to bring more flavour to your HMR department.

What's Cooking™ Fish Batter
The new-and-improved Fish Batter features stronger binding, improved colour and it remains crispy for longer. To prepare the product, simply add 1.8L of water per 1kg of fish batter. Then coat the fish with flour, dunk it into the prepared batter and fry at 175ºC until golden brown and cooked.

What's Cooking™ Fish Spice
This product is ideal for preparing grilled seafood dishes. The fresh lemon and herb flavour goes perfectly with any ocean fare. The light yellow, free-flowing spice contains visible herbs, with savoury onion and garlic notes. It can also be used to add extra flavour to coatings in deep fried seafood.

What's Cooking™ Moroccan Rub
The versatile What’s Cooking™ Moroccan Rub adds typical North African flavours to your protein of choice. It contains savoury top notes of cumin, chili and tomato, as well as visible green and red bell peppers. Feel free to use it to enhance flavour in stews, casseroles and soups.

What’s Cooking™ Beef Stew

This stew is perfect for economically cooking in bulk. Add 250g of the product to 4kg of your choice of beef and 2kg of vegetables for an 8kg yield of great-tasting stew. The colour is a rich red, with a flavoursome gravy that contains curry notes. It can be served with pap, rice and even dumplings.

What’s Cooking™ Kasie Chicken Stew
We’ve tweaked the Kasie formula so that it’s perfect for chicken stew. It has a rich red-orange colour and great-tasting curry notes. As with the Kasie Beef Stew, serve it with pap or rice for a bulk meal packed with flavour.

What’s Cooking™ Cheese Sauce
To prepare this tasty sauce, you simply add water. With top notes of natural cheese flavours, it reminds you of a parmesan cream sauce. Being freeze stable, it’s also suitable to use when preparing convenience meals. Use it in a variety of pasta dishes and vegetable bakes, or serve it with red meat and poultry. It can even be used to thicken up soups.

All our What’s Cooking™ products are available on our online store, with nationwide delivery. Taking your HMR department to the next level is more convenient than ever!

And remember, you get FREE DELIVERY on any order of more than R1000.

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