Meat block costing made easy

Meat block costing made easy

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Times are tough. Giving (and getting) value for money is more important than ever, so keeping a close eye on your costs is a good place to start.

How are you working out the cost of your raw materials? Use our meat block calculator to ensure that you’re on top of your product costs – and keeping track of your bottom line.

How it works:

  1. Have your recipe on hand. List each ingredient in the Ingredients column. Add in your own notes for each ingredient in the Description column.
  2. In the next section – Weight in block – insert the weight of each ingredient. Remember to put each unit in kgs
  3. Then, fill in the cost per kg for each item in the Cost per kg column. (Be sure to use ex-VAT pricing).
  4. Use our casing calculator to include the cost of your casing to the final product.

What you get:

  • An overall cost of your product.
  • A profile of your raw product. Each ingredient’s contribution to the product is calculated as a percentage, helping you to check that you’re in line with regulations.

Download the meat block calculator for free. It’s the easy way to tackle the big stuff.
An instant Rand value of each ingredient per batch.