Meal solutions for modern consumers

Meal solutions for modern consumers

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Instant gratification is a powerful influence. And it’s exactly what modern consumers are after.

Modern consumers are your consumers. They’ve got big work demands, big family commitments and an appetite for great meals that don’t take too much time.

After a long day at work, searching supermarket shelves or spending hours making the perfect roast is not on the agenda. And while customers want home-cooked meals that are also healthy, finding fresh ingredients and once-off herbs every time is not always practical.

Today, consumers want meals to be convenient, quick, and nutritious so that they can spend their free time doing what really matters to them.  

Butcheries and delis now have the opportunity to offer ready-to-go meals.

Here are our top two picks for end-of-day dishes that are convenient and delicious.


Rotisserie chicken

Chicken is an inexpensive source of protein. It’s lean, healthy, and really comforting when well prepared.

The Freddy Hirsch Group offers a range of brines that can be used to pre-baste, marinate, or inject the chicken. In South Africa, rotisserie chicken is often injected with butter brine, creating a juicy, succulent meal.

The right spices and rubs add fantastic flavour. Give your customers variety with Freddy Hirsch's lemon peri (803188), roast chicken rub (803204), chicken spice (803248), or roast chicken marinade (803129).

Rotisserie chicken not only makes a nourishing dinner dish for the consumer – it’s an efficient way to boost your business.


Pasta salad

Pasta salad is a welcome low-carb addition to almost any meal. Use different dressings (try our What’s cooking Peri Peri dressing (803194), "What’s cooking™" plain dressing (803195) or "What’s cooking™" sweet curry dressing (803196) to create flavours that complement your ingredients. Whether chicken, tuna, or vegetable-based, pasta salad is versatile and healthy. Consumers enjoy it all year-round, plus it’s easy to make.  

Create new flavour combinations to invite consumers to your counter at the end of their day.


Remember, the modern consumer is after immediate satisfaction. Make it an easy choice with tasty, nourishing meals that give consumers a good reason to keep coming back.