Maximise sales with clever merchandising

Maximise sales with clever merchandising

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Ever stepped into a store and bought something that wasn’t on your list? Something you didn’t think you needed – until it caught your attention.

Most customers are impulse buyers. They purchase items in the moment, with no prior planning. You’re probably familiar with impulse buying, but are you using the opportunity it gives you?

You could be increasing your sales by enticing shoppers to act on impulse. And you don’t need to spend much time or money making it happen.

Here are five ways you can use merchandising to attract more customers.

1. The basics.

Clean and tidy sounds easy enough. But are you maximising the space in your display cabinets? Do your products look good enough to eat? Are your containers and compartments spotless? A little bit of maintenance goes far.

2. Know your customers.

Keep a close eye on your customers. Have their buying habits changed? Is there a niche you can fill? Your customers are the pulse of your business. Keep getting to know them.

3. Use data.

Observe how your customers shop. Are they buying certain products on particular days of the week? Are they buying at specific times of the day? Collect your own data so that you’re supplying the correct products at the right time.

4. Hot spots and promotions.

Your customers are most likely to focus on products placed in the centre of your cabinet at eye level. Use this space for promotions, or for the goods that are most profitable, or for the products that are in demand.

5. Create an occasion.

For example: offer leg of lamb and crispy potatoes for a Sunday roast, or mince dishes for quick and easy mid-week meals. Create specific occasions for meals that people will love – any day of the week.