Mash potato croquettes filled with BBQ Chicken

Mash potato croquettes filled with BBQ Chicken

  • prep time
  • cooking time
  • Serves 3
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  • 200g What’s Cooking Mash
  • 960ml Water, boiling
  • 200g What’s Cooking Crispy breading (803288)
  • 200ml Milk & Eggwash (803012), prepared
  • 300gr Left over chicken, shredded
  • 100ml Di Cardelli BBQ Sauce (803035)


  1. Prepare Mash by adding boiling water to the What’s Cooking Mash Powder, mix together well
  2. Refrigerate until completely cooled down.
  3. Combine shredded chicken with BBQ Sauce.
  4. To assemble the croquettes: Divide shredded chicken into 12 equal portions and mould into little balls.
  5. Divide prepared mash into 12 equal portions as well.
  6. Using hour hands, mould the mash into round balls around the shredded chicken – the chicken should form the centre filling of the crouquette.
  7. Transfer to fridge and allow to set for 2-3 hours.
  8. Pre heat your oil to 180C.
  9. Dip potato balls into Milk Eggwash.
  10. Coat with Crispy breading and shake off excess.
  11. Deep fry until golden brown.
  12. Can be served with a dipping sauce.