Make great biltong with this equipment

Make great biltong with this equipment

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You love biltong. You’re also proud of the work you do in the kitchen and around the braai. The next step is to become a pro at making biltong at home. Here are five pieces of equipment to help.

1. Dick E Boning Knife 
The first thing to do is prepare your cuts, so you’re going to need a great knife. Biltong is made using prime cuts — you won’t be cutting through bones, so a handsaw or bandsaw is not necessary. The Dick E Boning Butcher Knife is German craftsmanship at it’s finest. This knife slices through meat as though it were butter...

2. FHG Sharpening Steel 
Now that you have the right knife, you’ll need to keep it sharp. The sharper the knife, the easier the task, and the best tool for the job is the FGH Sharpening Steel. It has a length of 35cm and is made of the highest quality steel to ensure the longevity of itself and your knives!

3. PE Cutting Board 
Next, you’re going to need the right cutting board to prepare the meat on. You don’t want to do it on the fancy one in the kitchen! The best one for the job is the PE Cutting Board, with dimensions of 600x450x12mm. It’s also affordable, durable, non-toxic and easy to clean.

4. Mini Biltong Cabinet — Stainless Steel 
This biltong cabinet possesses several features that make it ideal for small volume use. It has a 245L capacity, allowing it to cure up to 25 kg of wet product at a time. The temperature can be preset to avoid tampering and the extractor fan ensures uniform drying and maximum efficiency throughout the process.

When purchasing your cabinet, please be sure to chat to a Freddy Hirsch rep about biltong hooks.

5. Electric or Hand Biltong Slicer 
Your biltong is almost ready and all you have to do is slice it! This is tedious, even with a great knife, so we recommend the hand biltong slicer or an electric biltong cutter as the perfect tool for the task. It has a mechanism that allows the blade to slice through even the thickest cuts of biltong with minimum fuss.

One last thing you will need to make your own world-class biltong, Kalahari Biltong Spiceenjoy the taste!

Let us know if you have any questions regarding the equipment, alternatively you can browse through our equipment catalogue.