Make casing calibration work for you and your customer

Make casing calibration work for you and your customer

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In the business of boerewors, braaiwors, and sausage, your choice of casing calibration matters.

Casing calibration impacts on pick-up price, which impacts on your competitiveness.

Here’s how.

The consistency of a casing affects price through its filling capacity. This means that a product with a wider casing calibration will have a higher pick-up price than a thinner calibration – even if the cost per kilogram of the product is the same.

See the comparison below. The cost per kilogram is exactly the same for both products. The only difference is the choice of casing calibration used.

The pack on the left has been made using a casing with a wider calibration. It's pick-up price is R7.55 higher than the pack on the right which uses a thinner calibration.

This means that you’re able to offer a more competitive pick-up price by choosing a thinner casing calibration.

What’s more, thinner casings yield more portions than thicker casings.

For the same cost per kilogram, the pack on the left offers four portions. The pack on the right offers five.

You can’t trust a skinny chef. But you can bank on a thinner casing to better your business.

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