Here’s how you can sharpen your high-quality butcher knives like a professional

Here’s how you can sharpen your high-quality butcher knives like a professional

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Having a blunt knife, or knives, in your butchery can make your job challenging. 

Why? Blunt knives require using more pressure when working with them, whether you’re cutting or chopping meat. They’re also more dangerous to operate as well. 

So, to avoid getting injured and ensure that you cut with the desired precision, you have to make your knives razor-sharp. There are several methods to achieve this. And, although it may seem like a simple task, many people sharpen their knives incorrectly, which can lead to blade damage, and essentially, impact how you use your butcher knife. 

Below, we discuss the sharpening process; how to sharpen your butcher knives like a professional, as well as where to buy a butcher knife sharpener to give you the best results. 

What you’ll need

You’ll have to use the best tool to sharpen a knife if the goal is to revive its blade back to sharpness. There are various options to choose from; a butcher knife sharpening machine, a butcher sharpening stone or a manual sharpener. Whatever your preference is, the results will depend on many elements, such as using the correct butcher knife sharpening angle. 

For less effort and fewer chances of damage to your blades, get yourself the highly rated Accusharp sharpener from our online store. It’s easy to use and gives you an opportunity to hone your sharpening skills. With a bit of practice, you’ll become a professional. 

How to sharpen your knives the right way 

In addition to butcher knives, there are other types of knives professionals also use. Examples of a few are; boning knives, cleavers, flaying knives, chef’s knives etc. Regardless of knife type, you’ll have to ensure that you sharpen them all the correct way to avoid damaging them beyond repair. 

Our sharpener is compact size and has an ergonomic handle which will fit perfectly on your hand. It also has a full-length finger guard, which means you’ll be able to adjust your grip as well as ensure that your fingers are safe as you sharpen the bluntness away. 

It features a sharpening slot, fitted with diamond-honed tungsten carbide blades. To use, place your knife on a stable surface with the tip of the knife extending at the edge of the table. From there, lightly grip onto the sharpener. Place your sharpener in a 90-degree angle, and with a light downward pressure, draw the sharpener along the blade all the way past the point of the knife. Repeat until you reach the desired results. 

Blade maintenance 

Once you’ve sharpened the butcher knives for your kitchen, you have to perform maintenance tasks throughout your knives’ life journey. You do this using honing steel to hone the edge of the knife back into position after sharpening.

To hone a knife, grip the handle of the steel firmly as you hold it in a vertical angle and rest it on a stable surface. Press the bottom part of the knife against the steel and pull the knife down and towards you. Continue to follow the tip of the blade, working at a 20-degree angle. When you’re done, flip the knife and use a reverse angle to hone the other side of the blade. Repeat until you reach the desired result. 

Final thoughts

When you have a blunt professional butcher knife set, you’re not able to get the precision you need when slicing or cutting through meat. The only solution to this is to sharpen your knives. This will also help you avoid any unnecessary and possible injuries when you’re cutting meat. But doing this wrong will add more to the problem than solve it, so, you’ll need to practice sharpening your knives like a professional to ensure longevity. Freddy Hirsch’s online store has the kind of cutting-edge sharpener you need to make your knives razor-sharp.