Freddy Hirsch helps Making A Difference achieve its goals

Freddy Hirsch helps Making A Difference achieve its goals

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Freddy Hirsch has always been committed to bettering the community. One of the most effective ways to make a difference is by helping South Africa’s children; something we are deeply passionate about.

Paediatric care units in our hospitals do not always have the equipment required to help young people in need of critical care and babies are particularly vulnerable. It’s a problem in South Africa and in 2010, Freddy Hirsch took the decision to help our children secure a brighter future. We became a partner of Carte Blanche’s Making A Difference (MAD) Trust.

Launched in 2008, the Trust raises money to build and upgrade hospitals that cater to the specific needs of young children. Specialised equipment, machines and staff are required for this, which comes at a huge cost. So far, MAD has managed to raise over R130-million, with Freddy Hirsch having contributed to that total.

Our donations have had a major impact on child healthcare in SA, helping improve paediatric centres at King Edward VIII Hospital (KZN), Frere Hospital (Eastern Cape), the Tygerberg Hospital (Western Cape) and more.

The transformation of a decrepit operating theatre at Tygerberg Hospital has been nothing short of remarkable. It is now home to a dedicated Newborn and Children’s Operating Theatre, opened in April 2018, and Freddy Hirsch is thrilled to have helped make this dream a reality. The hospital caters for around 50% of the Western Cape’s uninsured neonatal needs and the upgrade in facilities will have a profound effect on the wellbeing of the province’s children.

Freddy Hirsch is honoured to play a key role in making all of this possible. The children are our future. Ensuring that young people have access to adequate healthcare is crucial and day by day, we’re making a difference. The Family of Flavour will continue to help MAD provide our children with the medical care they need.

The Trust also accepts contributions from private donors. If you would like to join Freddy Hirsch in making a donation to this wonderful cause, you can email Making A Difference on 

Alternatively, you can donate directly to the official account:
Name: Carte Blanche “Making a Difference” Trust
Account number: 9212446829
Code: 632005
Branch: Northcliff
Reference: Your initials, surname and contact number.

Images used in this article are supplied courtesy of Carte Blanche.