Braai Day Gatsby

Braai Day Gatsby

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  • Serves 4
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Imagine all your favourite Braai day food wrapped in a freshly baked roll? Perfect marriage between Boerewors, Potato Salad and Braai broodjie ingredients.


  • 4 Gatsby rolls, lightly buttered
  • 500g Freddy Hirsch Kameelhout™ Boerewors (802273), grilled to perfection
  • 400g Prepared potato salad, using What’s Cooking Dip and Dressing Plain
  • 300g Prepared Tomato and Onion smoor, using What’s Cooking Italian Stew Mix (803311)
  • 200g Grated mature cheddar


  1. Assemble the Gatsby’s by layering the ingredients onto the roll starting with the potato salad, then the boerewors.
  2. Then topped with smoortjie and finish off with grated cheese.