A Guide To Selecting A Biltong Dryer For Your Butchery

A Guide To Selecting A Biltong Dryer For Your Butchery

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When running a butchery, especially in South Africa, biltong is one of the best things you can sell at your store. It is also a great snack for when hosting at your home. However, as a highly recommended and loved snack, it is important to house the tastiest because South Africans KNOW their biltong. The secret is in the drying process, and we are going to be taking a look at how you can choose the best biltong dryer for your butchery or home.

The Selection Process 

Biltong can be made from virtually any meat, but remember – the better the cut and grade of the meat, the better the biltong. Topside or Silverside is perfect.

Your Dryer Is Your Best Friend 

Choosing a dryer or biltong cabinet for your butchery or home should not be hard. It is also important to not overdry or underdry your biltong, as that will mess with the flavour altogether. You can go a size up or a size down depending on your biltong drying needs and sizes. Cleaning them is not difficult either; however, should be done regularly to prevent any mould from forming. 

The Costs 

Because biltong dryers come in different sizes, their price ranges differ. You can get one between R9000 and R29000, depending on your biltong drying needs. So, shop around a little bit and make your pick.

Other Accessories

Another thing to add to your biltong side of the business or life is a slicer. When choosing biltong slicers, proper maintenance is crucial. The remnants of meat left behind on the slicer can mould – the most common cause of spoilage in dried meats. Without sufficient levels of water in the meat, bacteria cannot multiply, but mould can still form. One of the best cleaning solutions is a combination of warm water and soap, then a rinse consisting of 95% cold water and 5% vinegar, after which powdered potassium sorbate, which kills mould, yeast, and some bacteria, should also be applied. However, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and clean the slicer as recommended after each use or at the end of the day.

Final Thoughts 

Give your customers and loved ones the tastiest biltong in the land by ensuring you are equipped with the right drying and slicing tools.