Handtmann PLH216 Linking And Hanging Line With HV416 Holding Device

Handtmann PLH216 Linking, Length Control and Hanging Line with...

Handtmann VF620 FPL Vacuum Filler With Lifting Device

Handtmann VF620 Vacuum Filler for Filling, Portioning and Link...

Mincer Hand no. 10

Mincer Hand no.10


FHG GR200 Vacuum Tumbler

Stainless Steel 200 Litre Vacuum Tumbler.

600L Butcher Quip Large Smoker

600 Lt Large Smoker

Manual Biltong Cutter

Biltong Cutter Manual


FHG 120L Blender.

120 Litre Ribbon Blender manufactured of 2mm Stainless Steel


Handtmann Vf616 FP Mince Line

Handtmann VF616 Vacuum Filler for Filling and Portioning only ...

112" 3CR12 Bandsaw (3PH)

112" Bandsaw manufactured from 3CR12 Steel to cut fresh and fr...


25L HICO Filler (3PH)

FHG 25 Litre Filler.


FHG 65L Bowlcutter

Stainless Steel 65 Litre Bowlcutter

HICO Biltong Drying Cabinet

Stainless Steel Biltong Drying Cabinet.