Five reasons to pick our complete spice pack

Five reasons to pick our complete spice pack

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We value our customers’ time, and understand that they’re after consistency and convenience. That’s why FHG has created the complete spice pack.

Our packs combine customised ingredients into a single parcel, ensuring an accurate batch each time. This means that every spice pack is aligned with our customers’ requirements – and their own consumers’ expectations. Same quality, same flavour.

Here are five reasons to consider our complete spice pack for your next order:

  1. Convenient

Rather than go through the process of selecting, weighing, and blending specific ingredients yourself, our complete pack system gives our customers the exact same product each time. This speeds up your ordering and manufacturing processes.

  1. Consistent

Once you’ve detailed your requirements, the system ensures that you’ll receive the same customised pack every time you order. Our complete pack system minimises the potential for human error. No surprises when you open your spice pack.

  1. Limited waste and labour

Because you’re getting exactly what you need, potential costs linked to wasted product and additional labour are minimised.

  1. Efficient

Our sophisticated facilities and processes ensure that each spice pack is created methodically, in line with current tech developments. The systematic process gets the job done well, and fast.

  1. Versatile

The complete pack system can be used to prepare multiple product types: fresh meat products, processed meat products, dried and semi-dry sausage, stew mixes, gravies, sauces and marinades, curries, desserts, and pie fillings.

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