Salt and Pepper Boerewors: Sounds good, tastes better

Salt and Pepper Boerewors: Sounds good, tastes better

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South Africans know their boerewors. They know that good flavour and taste is not just about the meat used – it’s about how the boerewors is made.  

For decades, the Freddy Hirsch Group has helped South Africans to make great boerewors. We’ve introduced brands that have become legendary: Legacy, Kameelhout, SA Traditional, and Homestay.

Now, there’s a new taste to try.

We’re always listening to the market and using real-time insights. This has helped us discover that South Africans are after something different. They want a high-quality boerewors product that doesn’t compromise on consistency or convenience.

It’s our great pleasure then, to introduce Salt and Pepper Boerewors. Pungent black pepper and the perfect amount of sea salt make this a delicious offering.

Enjoy great-tasting boerewors around the braai with Salt and Pepper Boerewors.