Raise your game this Season with Freddy Hirsch online

Raise your game this Season with Freddy Hirsch online

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Hunting Season is around the corner and Freddy Hirsch is here to help you make the most of your haul. With our online store now open, getting the ingredients and equipment to make great-tasting, long-lasting snacks is easier than ever.



This easy-to-make snack is a true SA favourite. Since it’s so popular, we detail the five pieces of equipment you need to make the best biltong over here.

We also have a video guide on how to make great biltong, which you can find here.


Now that our online store is up and running, you can get Freddy Hirsch ingredients, equipment and other products delivered to your door! We’re excited to offer you more innovation, convenience and flavour this Season. Visit our store here.

Hunters® Biltong Seasoning

Hunters® Chilli Biltong Seasoning

Manual Aluminium Biltong Cutter

Biltong Hooks - 100 Per Pack

Mini Biltong Drying Cabinet

Brown Spirit Vinegar 5L

Dick E Boning Knife 18cm Blue Handle

Kalahari Biltong

Dick E Steak Knife 30cm Blue Handle

Hand Biltong Slicer