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Smart. Efficent. Simple.

Freddy Pace provides seamless opportunities for you to grow profits, manage working capital, reduce costs and become hyper-efficient in the management of your business, through data tools, ordering processes, collaborative marketing and communication support.

It’s all about Alginate.

Revolutionise your business with Freddy Hirsch’s patented Alginate casing technology. Alginate casing provides a proven safe alternative to natural, collagen, cellulose and animal intestine sausage casings.

Setting the Pace for Change

More than just a smart-platform, Freddy Pace is truly Driven by Sustainable Innovation, providing us all with the opportunity to do business better, increasing efficiency, whilst caring for the health of people, and the planet. Through Freddy PACE™, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact, and would like to invite you on this journey with us.

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Freddy Pace™ is a total end-to-end business solution, with real-time ordering, payment, delivery and special online discounts – all at the touch of a button - from anywhere in the world.

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