French Polony

French Polony

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This is a step-by-step guide on how to make French Polony.


  • MEAT:
  • Check that the product is of an acceptable standard; in other words: no slimy layer present on the meat surface, no discoloration or any foul odour noted.
  • Frozen meat/MDM (mechanically deboned meat) may be used for processed cooked products.
  • When freezing meat, ensure that the meat is sealed with minimum air (preferably vacuum packed). Do not use meat that has been left open in the freezer.
  • Check your meat to ensure the meat-to-fat ratios are correct; If your raw material is too lean or too fatty; then adjust the meat to the correct fat ratio by adding fat or lean meat accordingly.
  • Excessively fatty meat may also be trimmed of excess fat before being used. Additional meat or fat must be of the same animal species as the raw material used. This will ensure consistency.
  • Fresh meat to be used within 3 – 5 days.
  • Pre-soaked UNPRINTED/PRINTED Polony Casings.
  • Apply as per Complete Pack instructions
  • Hydrate your spice pack 10 minutes prior to use.
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When using frozen meat, cut the frozen meat into cubes (20 mm x 20 mm) by using a band saw prior to mincing. Mince the meat through a 4.5 mm plate, ensuring that the mincer knives and plates are sharp and correctly aligned to ensure there is minimal heat generation during mincing.

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Transfer meat / MDM and water / ice into the bowlcutter and sprinkle QRC sachet onto meat. Run at high speed until a paste/emulsion starts to develop. Slow bowlcutter down to slow speed, add in complete pack and mix until 4°C is reached. Add starch and mix in bowlcutter.

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Add the fat emulsion and run bowlcutter until emulsion reaches 10°C. Scrape down any excess meat, powder and water and close lid. Cut product again on high speed to ensure even distribution and proper blending. Switch bowlcutter to slow speed and cut for 3-4 revolutions to remove excess air from the emulsion. NOTE: Your final chopping temperature must never exceed a temperature of 12°C. Switch off bowlcutter and remove product while bowl is still running."

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Ideally hang polonies within a steam cooker and cook to a core temperature (down the length and centre of the product) of 70-72°C. Remove polonies from steam cooker and place into ice cold water to cool down to ambient temperature as quickly. Remove product from water and place in chiller overnight. INDUSTRY TIP: (after cooling steps above) If your product has a shrivelled appearance and you desire a smoother surface, quickly dip your product into boiling water for a few seconds.

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Slice if desired and vacuum pack into desired portion sizes. Store in fridge <+5˚C. Alternatively keep Frozen <-18˚C.

Variations/Optional Extras

Ingredient Typical Application within the total meat block 

Onion Powder (712038) 1 – 3%

Superba (772965) 1 – 3%

Suggested FHG Spices and Casing

Spice Reference all the various FHG spice packs that can be used for this product 

802169-K FACTORY FRENCH (10 X 2KG)

802225-K CONTINENTAL FRENCH (10 X 0.860KG)

802362-K FRENCH POLONY (10 X 1KG)


Casing Reference all the various FHG casings that can be used for this product 

UNPRINTED Polony Casings

PRINTED Polony Casings