On trend: Home Meal Replacement

On trend: Home Meal Replacement

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As more and more South Africans opt for pre-prepared meals that save time and satisfy their appetites, HMR is gaining momentum.

But HMR isn’t only about offering customers ease and convenience in making delicious food. It’s about understanding the market and being willing to innovate.  

To get started, here are three HMR trends to think about. They’ll work for your buyers – and your business.


Busy lives and the need for easy access have created a generation of snackers.   

Customers are looking for the same quality and freshness from their snacks that they would expect from other pre-prepared foods.

Minimise food waste

Consider re-working leftover foods to create delicious deli dishes – and reduce food waste at the same time.

Leftover cooked chicken can be made into savoury chicken meatballs using a good meatball base. Portions of fried fish leftovers can be re-worked into a pickled fish dish using a sweet curry dressing.

Whatever your combination, it’s about creating tasty, convenient foods that maximise efficiency.

Vegetarian options

As customers begin to incorporate plant-based dishes into their diets, try creating enticing meatless meals.

Vegetarian cottage pie tastes just like the real thing. 

HMR is about thinking creatively – so that your business is equipped to compete with home cooking and take-away meals. That’s how you set the pace for change.