Henkelman Gets Our Seal of Approval

Henkelman Gets Our Seal of Approval

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Henkelman Gets Our Seal of Approval

Vacuum packing helps to keep your food fresh and safe from contamination. It extends your products’ shelf-life, and it limits potential product loss. Plus, it enhances quality and taste.

The bottom line? Vacuum packing is good for business. But you need the right vacuum packaging equipment and vacuum seal bags to make it happen. That’s why we’ve partnered with Henkelman – global leaders in vacuum packaging technology.

At a glance

  • Henkelman specialises in developing and distributing vacuum packaging machines.
  • Over 15 000 units are sold every year, outnumbering the annual sales of competitors.
  • The vacuum packaging machines are made in Holland using mainly German parts such as Busch vacuum pumps – and comprise the most complete range of vacuum packers available.


  • Choose from various advanced features: sensor control, liquid control, external seal pressure control, optional gas flushing, and the option to select sealing bar position.
  • Benefit from all the distinctive Henkelman functions like marinating and glass jar packaging and use these machines to prepare for sous vide cooking.
  • The machines are designed to suit all needs. Whether you need a small table-top vacuum packer or something more heavy duty, Henkelman can help.
  • Henkelman promises excellent service and value for money.

Henkelman is so confident in its technology, it offers a three year warranty on its machines. But see them in action for yourself!

For a possible demonstration of these machines, or any other info, please call our industrial team on:

  • Anton le Roux 083 251 2032
  • Drew Leibbrandt  083 4543 811

We’d love to help you select the best machine for your business. Check out Henkelman’s latest brochure to see what’s available.