The deli dish: Capitalise on the trend of fast, flavourful food

The deli dish: Capitalise on the trend of fast, flavourful food

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Today, people are busier than ever. There’s a global trend towards convenient, easy-to-prepare meals that are as delicious as if they’d been cooked from scratch.

Delis and supermarkets with home-meal replacement (HMR) departments are responding to this need by developing tasty menus and offering wholesome dishes at good prices.

FHG’s aim is to keep our customers updated on this growing trend. We’ll be sharing strategies on freshness, taste, value, and safe food handling so that your consumers keep coming back.

Here’s an introduction to how retailers can make the most of fast, flavourful food.

  1. Merchandise well

Merchandising – the ability to stage a store to encourage consumers to make purchases – has become an art.

The capability to merchandise well is particularly important in the grocery environment, where most products have a shelf-life. The goal is to get the produce out the door with the customer – quickly.

It’s not enough for stores to look pretty; retailers must know their customers. Tailored merchandising engages shoppers and creates a satisfying buying experience.

Provide menu items that are customised to your audience, offer product sampling or tasters that your consumers will enjoy, and focus on convenience and aesthetics in staging your store. Let the experience guide the purchase.

  1. Be strategic

Times are tough. Offering value-priced items, meal specials, and product sales shows customers that you’re a cost-conscious retailer.  

Additionally, rewarding customers with frequent buyer cards, promotions, and in-store raffles can enhance their loyalty.

It’s also worthwhile to include high-margin items like pasta and grain-based dishes as deli staples. This maximises your operational efficiency.

  1. Be customer-centric

Do some research. Have a good idea of what your customers want and do what you can to provide it to them.

If they’re health-conscious, ensure that you’re offering healthier options. If they’re after dishes that are perceived to take longer to prepare (like lasagne or roast chicken), put those on your menu. If prices are going to increase, be transparent about it.

Ensure that delis provide a selection of value-based options, and don’t underestimate the impact of excellent in-store service.