Cut through costs with our bandsaws and bandsaw blades

Cut through costs with our bandsaws and bandsaw blades

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You know that our bandsaws and bandsaw blades are up there with the best in the business. We’re going to cut to the chase — our latest Bandsaw is the greatest yet. Here are five reasons why.

  • Sliding / Tilting Table — Mechanism: The tilt function of the sliding table enables you to clean the table without removing it. This saves time and increases the durability of the unit. It also eliminates issues where tables are  dropped, lost or submerged in water and cannot be refitted correctly.
  • Stationary Table — Fixed: The table has been re-designed and is no longer removable. It can be removed by undoing four bolts. Extra reinforcing bends have been added to the table which will ensure that the table remains rigid and stable throughout its lifespan. This increases the accuracy with which staff can operate the unit.
  • New Guide Block System: A guide block system has replaced the previous front scraper assembly. The new system is less complicated and more streamlined, making it faster and easier to use.

    The lower brass and nylon guide blocks are now assembled together with the lower blade guide bearing, making maintenance simpler and more efficient. This also improves functionality and performance.

    These improvements prevent the saw from being operated without the bottom scraper bearing, which limits the blades from traveling too deep into the brass guide and ensures that the blades last longer.

  • New Scraper design: The New scraper design is an improved design by introducing less moveable and finicky parts meaning there is less maintenance costs and improved blade performance.
  • Quality Improved: The improved quality of the top wheel bearing to a fully imported stainless steel bearing which prolongs the life of the top bearing before it needs replacement.

In short, the new Freddy Hirsch 112” Bandsaw is our most advanced and durable unit yet. It will save you time, which saves you money, and helps you focus on providing your customers with the best products and service possible.

It is also important to note that the 112” Bandsaw complies with SANS IEC 60355-2-64.

You can view the new 112” Bandsaw product code 324123-E (as well as the rest of our range of innovative equipment) by viewing or downloading our online equipment catalogues: Industrial meat equipment catalogue and meat equipment catalogue. Freddy Hirsch is a bandsaw supplier in South Africa. Alternatively you can shop bandsaw and carcass blades from our online store.