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This is a step-by-step guide to making Braaiwors.


  • MEAT:
  • Check that the product is of an acceptable standard; in other words: no slimy layer present on the meat surface, no discoloration or any foul odour noted.
  • Check the meat to ensure the meat to fat ratios are correct: If your raw material is too lean or too fatty; adjust to the correct ratio by adding fat or lean-meat accordingly. Excessively fatty meat may also be trimmed of excess fat before being used. Additional meat or fat must be of the same animal species as the raw material used. This will ensure consistency.
  • To be stored under refrigerated conditions between >+0˚C and ≤+5˚C
  • Fresh meat to be used within 3-5 days.
  • Frozen meat, MDM (mechanically deboned meat) and/or meat byproducts (i.e. hearts) may be used in this product.
  • Rinse casing well with potable water. Lay casing in lukewarm water for 15 to 30 minutes prior to use. This will soften the casing and make it more workable. For storage remove excess water and add a liberal amount of salt before repacking.
  • Always store the collegen in a cool dry area. Ensure the filler nozzle is kept dry when using collagen. Reseal, to ensure casing stays dry, after use.
  • Mix the liquid components into a lug and add the spice pack.
  • Ensure spices are completely submerged within the liquid component to facilitate good hydration of functional ingredients within the pack.
  • Spice packs for braaiwors would typically include functional soy, starch and fibre which aids in water-binding; contributes protein and enhances texture.
  • Some spice packs would not include all functional ingredients and these would have to be added additionally. See procedure.
  • Low-tier products generally consist of a lower percentage meat and may contain lower quality meat by-products and/or meat substitutes, mainly for cost reduction purposes.
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MDM to be flaked and frozen meat and fat to be cut into 20 x 20 mm blocks on the bandsaw prior to mincing. Add the meat (MDM, hearts etc.) into the mincer and mince to your desired plate size requirement. When using kidney fat, mince it with some of the meat and MDM to prevent clogging within your mincer.

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Add the hydrated spice and meat component to the ribbon blender and mix until your mixture is evenly distributed. Add fat component to your mixture (some manufacturers do not separate the meat and fat components during mixing, but this is good practice and is the suggested method to follow) Add additional functional ingredients (starch and/or fibre) if required and further mix until evenly distributed.

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Place portions into fomo-trays and overwrap with cling film or pack in sealable plastic bags. Final product may be stored at temperatures <+5˚C. Product may also be frozen below -18˚C.

Variations/Optional Extras

Ingredient Typical Application within total meat block

Worchester Sauce 1 – 3%

Vinegar 5% white Spirit/ brown 1 – 3%


Suggested FHG Spices and Casing


Reference all the various FHG casings that can be used for this product 

802451-K CHAKALAKA SAUSAGE (10 X 2.00KG)

802683-K OUKRAAL® WORS (10 X 1.00KG)

802356-K EC TOMATO COCKTAIL (10 X 1.5KG)

802399-K BBQ BEEF (8 X 3.25KG) *



Reference all the various FHG casings that can be used for this product 


650148-B HALAAL FHG 26/28

620033-B 32/35 B/WORS HOG LONGS

620008-B 28/32 SELECT HOG LONGS

620053-B SUPER 28/32 LONG MEDIUMS(1-3)