Get Your Braaivleis On: The Ultimate Braai Day Guide

Get Your Braaivleis On: The Ultimate Braai Day Guide

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What is the ultimate braai?

Good company and great food! The ultimate braai is the gathering of your family and friends around the fire, chatting and laughing away. If there’s a rugby or soccer match to watch, that’s even better!

How do I get my braaivleis on?

We’re running a special Heritage Day promotion to help you get your braaivleis on!

We’ve partnered with participating stores and butcheries so that you can host the ultimate braai. You may even become a winner in the process!

Purchase any of our ‘Get Your Braaivleis On’ products and stand a chance to win 1 of 3 kettle braais! To enter, simply complete the entry card and drop it in the entry box provided at the till.

What products should I be looking out for?

Boerewors, braaiwors, burgers, marinades and braai spice. Variety means that more people are happy, and more happy people means a more successful braai! All you have to do is look for the special  ‘Get Your Braaivleis On’ stickers.

Any special recipes I should know about?

If you want something that combines the best of Italy with SA’s finest, look no further than the Biltong & Chicken Pasta Potjie. It’s tasty and tender, with flavours that will take your Braai Day feeling to the next level.

We love great boerewors and we love a great pie. Get the best of both with the delicious Boerie Braai Pie. It puts the local flavours and textures of a braai into a package of pastry that everybody loves!

Our third featured recipe is inspired by the Mediterranean. The Rump, Bacon / Macon & Red Onion Kebabs are quick and easy to prepare, and the flavour is unbelievable if the meat is prepared by an accomplished braai-master.


What about some tips for a great braai?

  1. The person with the tongs is the braai master. They shouldn’t need to be told how to cook the meat.
  2. If you’re invited to someone else’s braai, always bring your own meat unless you’re explicitly told not to.
  3. Potato salad makes every braai better.
  4. Gas braais are great, no matter what the purists say. There’s no shame in convenience, and gas braais are quick and easy to use. Plus, they work in bad weather!
  5. Braai sausage first, then rashers or ribs. End with steak, always!

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